At, we prioritize your satisfaction and aim to provide a seamless shopping experience. Our cancellation policy is designed to be customer-friendly, ensuring flexibility while maintaining the integrity of our processes.

Order Cancellation Procedure

  1. Cancellation Window: allows customers to cancel orders within a specific timeframe after placing the order. This window is essential to streamline the cancellation process and avoid unnecessary delays.
  2. Contacting Customer Care: If you wish to cancel your purchase, kindly contact our Customer Care team promptly. You can do so through the website’s contact page or by emailing Please provide order details and the reason for cancellation to expedite the process.
  3. Cancellation Confirmation: Upon receiving your cancellation request, we will promptly process the cancellation and refund the entire amount if the order has not been processed. Please note that we cannot cancel orders that have already been processed or shipped. This may occur within 12 hours after placing the order.

Reasons for Order Cancellation

Our cancellation policy remains flexible to accommodate various reasons. Here are some instances where the policy is applicable:

  1. Limited Stock: If the quantity of the ordered item is less or restricted due to availability issues, the cancellation policy will be applied.
  2. Disputes and Complaints: In case of any disputes or complaints about the product, customers are encouraged to contact our customer care team for a fair resolution.
  3. Stock Unavailability & Pricing Inaccuracy: If a product becomes unavailable or if there is a pricing inaccuracy, the order cancellation policy will be invoked.
  4. Non-Receipt of Payment: Unpaid orders are considered cancelled automatically.

Refund Process

If payment was made using a credit card, we will refund the same card. Typically, we require a minimum of ten working days to process refunds. Please note that any delays in the cardholder’s credit card account are managed by the issuing bank.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our products, and if you are dissatisfied, our customer support team is ready to assist. If issues cannot be resolved, we offer a complete replacement or a full refund.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or need assistance, please email us at We will reach out to you if further information is required to process or accept your order.

At, your peace of mind is our priority. Our transparent and flexible cancellation policy reflects our commitment to ensuring a positive and worry-free shopping experience for all our valued customers.